Looking for a Building? Take Your Pick!

Looking for a Building? Take Your Pick!When shopping for a new metal building for your business or organization, you have a variety of options from which you can choose. In most cases, if you take your time to do the necessary research, you can select the perfect design in terms of space and functionality. I want to highlight a few designs that can be quite versatile.

First, and in no order of importance, I will show you the hybrid steel building system. This design package will be flexible in meeting your needs and can safely satisfy the particular load requirements of your area. These steel structures assemble relatively quickly compared to traditional wooden-framed buildings and in a more streamlined, systematic fashion. When you are saving time, you are also saving money.

A second building design is the “single slope” option. In this design, a single planed roof is inclined away from the one sidewall to connect with the other opposing sidewall (and without any gables). This design is used in many strip malls across America.

The third design that I wanted to highlight is the “lean-to.” This design offers the benefit of providing additional interior space beneath the roof. This design is popular in agricultural areas as a means to provide shelter for produce as well as boarding livestock. A given lean-to can be partially or completely coated depending on requirements. The lean-to will attach upon or just below the overhanging roof edge of your steel structure.

Yet another design is the “unsymmetrical gable.” This steel building design is a favorite choice for many developers. It is also known as a “double-slope” steel building in which the ridge of the roof is intentionally engineered to be off-center for aesthetic purposes. This type of design is very common with restaurants and specialty shops.

The fifth and final design is the “symmetrical gable.” This type of steel building is similar to the unsymmetrical gable, but, as its name indicates, is symmetrical in terms of the slope if its roof. This type of building design is probably the most widely used due to its conventional and attractive features.

These are just some of the many options that you have in selecting a new steel building. Do not feel pressured into buying a building that has a design that does not fulfill the needs or the look of your business or organization. Take a little extra time to research all your options until you find the right one for you. When you are investing a lot of capital into a new building and you plan on being in it for a while, then the time spent is worth it and will save you much, much more in dollars in the long run.