Basic Checklist For A Steel Building Construction Project

Today’s metal buildings are no longer those unattractive and temporary structures that they used to be. The 21st century has seen metal buildings being used as small car garages and even aircraft hangars.

Before you start on your own metal building construction project, here is a basic checklist that would list out what you would need to comprehend and consider before embarking on the project.

Firstly, you should have the construction project ready. This includes a list of all the building materials and labor that would be needed at the site to complete the project. The entire project must also be defined in terms of foundation work required, how to prepare the land, and finish work required.

The contract documents are a set of legal paperwork that defines the tasks and supplies needed to complete the building project. It is normal to get separate sets of documents for the contractor, general contractor and for the steel dealer. These documents are required to at least outline the various tasks to be completed, pricing, deadlines, timelines and any other requirements that are important for the construction project.

The contractor is defined as the individual who would provide the materials required to completely create the metal building and construct them within requirements, regulations and in a safe manner. The general contractor is required to provide all materials and labor needed to completely construct the metal building as per the requirements stated in the contract documents.

The dealer, who is usually an independent contractor, is in charge of ordering and buying the metal construction system from the supplier. This dealer then resells the building to the end user. This dealer might even proceed on to constructing the entire building or provide other services pertaining to the completion of the metal building, but this is not always the case.

The designer is in charge of designing the entire metal building. This designer could be an architect or engineer who would render his services to implement all requirements and specifications into the metal building construction. The designer can also oversee the construction process in order to ensure that everything is as per his design document and to also comply with his end of the contract to design a building that is structurally sound and as per all needs and desires that were spelled out in the construction project.

The erector is defined as the individual in charge of erecting the entire metal building structure. This could be done by the contractor, general contractor or by another independent individual who has been offered a sub contract to perform the tasks.

The end user is the owner of the metal building project, who could then occupy this structure, lease them out or sell them to another owner in the future. He is essentially the person who would be using the building once construction is over.

It is important to go through and understand the responsibilities, skills, tasks and legalities involved before embarking on a construction project of this nature.